At Wild Shaman,  I want to help bring the magic and mystery back into your life.  In our highly-paced and crazy, busy lives, we can easily lose our sense of connection with the Great Universe. Our wild, inner nature can easily become domesticated, and even lost, in some cases!  I want to help you find and live your inner wild wisdom.  Through cross-cultural Shamanism or as I like to call it, "Hybrid Shamanism", I  will give you the tools needed to help heal and reconnect you to your life's greater purpose.  Nature-based philosophy and ceremony are the cornerstones of Wild Shaman practices.  
By getting back into balance with the natural world, you can re-balance your inner landscape. With the assistance of coaching, ceremony, blessings, spiritual clearings, nature guiding and essential oils and Reiki you will undertake a sacred  inner pilgrimage.   I look forward to helping you blaze new trails!

I am Alixandra Dorian, a student and practitioner of the Shamanic arts, specializing in the Pachakuti  Mesa Tradition of Peru. I am a certified Shamanic Life Coach, based in Native traditions, Reiki Master and Essential Oil Coach. Because of my deep passion for our Mother Nature, I studied to become a Horticulturist, Naturalist and Zen Master Gardner. When not getting my hands dirty, I am also a freelance writer/photographer, passionate beer connoisseur and an award winning home-brewer.  As a Urban Shaman, I am dedicated to connecting people to the sacredness nature and finding their own inner wild wisdom. Recently moving from fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, I now reside in magical Santa Fe, New Mexico with my beloved and trusted sidekick, Mr. Grif, the cranky Chiweenie.

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