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At Wild Shaman,  I want to help bring the magic and mystery back into your life.  In our highly-paced and crazy, busy lives, we can easily lose our sense of connection with the Great Universe. Our wild, inner nature can easily become domesticated, and even lost, in some cases!  I want to help you find and live your inner wild wisdom.  Through cross-cultural Shamanism or as I like to call it, "Hybrid Shamanism", I  will give you the tools needed to help heal and reconnect you to your life's greater purpose.  Nature-based philosophy and ceremony are the cornerstones of Wild Shaman practices.  
By getting back into balance with the natural world, you can re-balance your inner landscape. With the assistance of coaching, ceremony, blessings, spiritual clearings, nature guiding and essential oils and Reiki you will undertake a sacred  inner pilgrimage.   I look forward to helping you blaze new trails!

I am Alixandra Dorian, a student and practitioner of the Shamanic arts, specializing in the Pachakuti  Mesa Tradition of Peru. I am a certified Shamanic Life Coach, based in Native traditions, Reiki Master and Essential Oil Coach. Because of my deep passion for our Mother Nature, I studied to become a Horticulturist, Naturalist and Zen Master Gardner. When not getting my hands dirty, I am also a freelance writer/photographer, passionate beer connoisseur and an award winning home-brewer.  As a Urban Shaman, I am dedicated to connecting people to the sacredness nature and finding their own inner wild wisdom. Recently moving from fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, I now reside in magical Santa Fe, New Mexico with my beloved and trusted sidekick, Mr. Grif, the cranky Chiweenie.

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Because each service is so unique and personalized, I will create a package that will be just for you, please contact  me for special pricing and availability. Distance and local services are available. 



Are you looking to step out of the ordinary and mundane? Do you feel a calling to connect with the extraordinary and mystical ?  Sacred Ceremony is a magical way to connect with the Divine and celebrate all of life's mysteries. 

  • Full Moon and New Moon

  • Seasonal-Equinox, Solstice, Celtic Calendar

  • New Beginnings/Releasings

  • Custom Ceremonies

Shamanic Life Coaching
& Garden Coaching

Are you looking to feel more empowered in your own life?  Are personal blocks keeping you from achieving a greater sense of direction and purpose?  Shamanic Life Coaching can help you gain holistic balance of mind,body and spirit. Ancient wild traditions and modern techniques are merged together creating unique strategies that fit your life and goals.  Reconnecting to your soul and the wisdom that is holds is just the beginning of this grand shamanic journey.  Local and long distant sessions. 

Do you need help with getting started on garden/landscape? Or do you need to know where to start on an existing one? I can help mentor you with all your gardening goals.

Guidance with:

  • Organic Gardening techniques: Veggies, fruits, ornamental gardening and much more…

  • Planning

  • Eco Friendly pest management

  • Proper pruning

  • Creating a more magical environment


Essential OIl Coaching

Plants hold magic that can help transform and balance our spiritual and physical beings. Essential oils can help deepen our daily life experience.  They can give us a greater sense of feeling more grounded or open our hearts to unconditional love (just to name a few benefits).   I can help you pick the right essential oils to support your personal journey and expand your senses. 


Is your life and body feeling a bit out of balance?  Are you not feeling as grounded as you should?  Are your energy levels running low and emotions running high?  An energy balancing might be just what Spirit ordered! Using crystals, sound and aroma therapy,  l will help to bring your chakra centers  back into balance.

Crystal grid bundles

A crystal grid is a special arrangement of crystals within a  geometric shape that focuses our energy on a specific intention and works together to help manifest those goals and desires.  I will create a custom crystal grid for your specific situation, and then, perform a blessing.  It will then be shipped to you, ready for you to activate in your personal space.  No worries...instructions for activation will be included!

Crystal grids can be used for, but not limited to:

  • Love

  • Protection

  • Prosperity/Abundance

  • Healing



Life is full of new beginnings and endings. These thresholds are the perfect time for blessings.  They helps us feel more connected and supported  by the Greater Power of the Universe.  For whatever new journey you have ahead of you, a blessing can be the first step.

  • New Home

  • Birth of a baby

  • New Job

  • Marriage/Divorce

SPIRITUAL Clearings 

Sometimes negative energies can get embedded in our personal energy fields and homes.  These energies can then go on and cause unbalance, and disharmony in are lives.  Certain events can cause this: stress, traumatic event, illness, lost souls and lower vibrational beings.  Healing and re-calibration will occur once these energies are cleared and released. 

  • Personal clearings are done with a Hucha ceremony and will help release negative energies in the energetic field which holds us stuck in any aspect of our life. The ultimate goal is to reach a feeling of wholeness and oneness with the Great Universe.

  • Home/Office clearings are done with a smudging ceremony. Calling upon the Powers of the Four Directions, and their Guardians, a spiritual clearing will reestablish peace, harmony and prosperity in the personal environment.

Nature guide

Are you ready to take a sacred journey with Nature and reconnect to your true essence ? Nature is the great healer and on these short hikes you will have the chance to recharge, relax and reclaim your soul's deepest desires.   We will use sensory exercises, meditation and ceremony to find what wisdom is waiting in the wilderness. Nature guiding can help when you are facing a challenge, trying to find a new path or just seeking for clarity in your life.

 "Life is a hike enjoy the journey..."

The Shaman does not believe in a division between the body and the spirit or between the visible world of form and the invisible world of energy
— Alberto Villodo


Shamans Corner

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Alixandra Dorian

Alixandra Dorian

Mr.  Grif “Trusted Sidekick” Office Manager

Mr. Grif “Trusted Sidekick” Office Manager





~Santa Fe, New Mexico

Please feel free to contact me at the number or email above or fill out the contact form below. We will set up a 20 min. discovery call to discuses your personal desires and goals.  

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